Every Christian.
Bringing ONE to Christ in Ten Years.
Passing the Love of God on.

Edison and Nancy: Part 1

Edison was in deep pain and anger because of His cancer. His pain drove him away from everybody, even his own family. But just like the story of the 99, God came looking for Him, sending him a sweet lady named Nancy, and against all odds, Edison had his interesting moment with Jesus. God is after the one, even if the one seems like an impossible one.

Edison and Nancy: Part 2

This is Nancy, the lady that the angry, cancer-stricken and closed-up Edison (see Part 1) finally decided to open up to. Nancy was a complete stranger to Edison then, but God used her to go after His lost and broken boy, with nothing but some toys and a picture of a bloodied and beaten Jesus in hand.

Just like Nancy, God is looking for those who are unafraid of the broken, the lonely and the “closed-up”, to do what may seem impossible, but never impossible for God.

Patrick and Adrian: Part 2

Even though his best friend, Patrick, hated Christians (see Part 1), Adrian continued to spend years sharing the gospel with him, undeterred by the hate. These years of endless debates and difficult conversations eventually led to an unbelievable and miraculous moment with Jesus.

Just like Adrian, God is faithful no matter the resistance, longing for each one patiently, waiting until we listen.