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Love Comes Home 吾家有爱, 聚团圆

What's this About? 这是什么?

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Open Heart and Open Homes


​吾家有爱, 聚团圆

圣经教导我们对每个人都要热情接待。耶稣,他是最深的怜悯和爱的表达.  在马太福音25:35中说道:“因我饿了,你们给我吃;渴了,你们给我喝;我作客旅,你们接待我。”

而华人新年为我们提供了一个独特的机会来体现这种好客的精神。虽然最初农历新年的团圆饭是为自家人而保留的,但这个场合也可以成为到对许多不同的人有着生命改变的机会。 “吾家有爱,聚团圆”是一个超越国籍,文化的一项运动,让我们邀请朋友、同事、邻居和陌生人一起来我们家中与我们共餐。这让我们打开我们的心房和家来为他人服务的呼吁。在这里,我们体现了耶稣所展示的爱,并将他的福音,他的救赎信息传递出去.

Love Comes Home

The Bible taught us to be hospitable to everyone. Jesus, who exemplifies a profound expression of compassion and love said this in Matthew 25:35: “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me a drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Chinese New Year offers us a unique opportunity to embody this spirit of hospitality. Originally reserved for family, this occasion can be expanded into something life changing for many others as well!  "Love Comes Home" is an initiative that surpasses cultural boundaries, extending its invitation to friends, colleagues, neighbours and strangers alike, inviting them into our homes to dine with us. It's a call to open our hearts and homes to serve others. Here, we live out the love that Jesus has demonstrated, bringing about the gospel of salvation.

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