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Love comes Home

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February 2024  \  Anywhere & Everywhere


A Word

from Jason Wong

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What's this about?

Every Chinese New Year, we gather with family members for reunion dinner.  This time, let's have our friends, colleagues, neighbours or even total strangers over for dinner.

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Muic Video

CNY Music Video

Every other years, Sowers Music will produced a Chinese New Year song to help our pre-believing friends knows that we Christian are as Chinese as they are and we treasure our heritage as well.  Together with Ps Matthew who also head Sowers Music, we present to you 2024 Chinese New Year MV - 吾家有爱因为你 Love Comes Home - in line with this special outreach event.  We hope to resonate the heart of what CNY is and that love abounds beyond countries or homes! 

What to do?

OFJ has prepared resources to help you plan and execute this event, be it at home, office or in a restaurant.

What to do?
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