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How to?

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  1. Pray and discuss with your family on hosting guests this coming CNY.

  2. Pray and decide on who to invite.

  3. Register with us so that we can put you in a chat group where you will receive information on our resources and training.  We can also link you up with guest who has no one to host them.

  4. Check out our resources and order the number of "hosting-kits" as a gift pack for your guest.

What role can you play?

  1. Host a family meal for your guest.

  2. Share this with your cell members or Christian colleagues/friends and invite them to host a meal together during Chinese New Year period as a collective effort.

  3. Speak to your church leadership about this event and have them consider this as a church-wide event during Chinese New Year.

  4. Make yourself available to host guest referred by us.

Hosting as a Church or Organization

  1. Plan this as your church-wide Chinese New Year outreach event.

  2. Connect with us for training and resources, eg. Guest Gift Packs

  3. Business owners are encouraged to host their workers with the help of their church members.

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